Festival Entertainment

Mrs & Mrs

Mrs and Mrs have been terrorizing the tattoo festival for what seems like years now. Rouge Fatale and Hexxx have been transforming into these 2 ol’ Cape Breton bitches for close to a decade, bringing you elderly off colour humour and shinanigans that only they can. Whether it is stealing tattoo ink or stealing motorized wheelchairs, you know you are going to have a good time with these two.

Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis and The Big Band of Fun is a loop based power funk/hip hop trio comprised of Stephen Lewis, Jonah Haché, and Marco Lebreton.

The Big Band of Fun have played nearly every major east coast music festival and The Maritime crowd (and beyond) are very familiar with their engaging, high energy, dance party type performances. 2016 has been a breakout year for the group, with a successful international touring season including bookings at Kamp Festival in British Columbia, headlining set at Come Together Music Festival in Ontario,  headlining performance at Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in The Stingray Barracks Tent, successful performance to a large crowd at Toronto’s Legendary Horseshoe Tavern, and main stage performances at The Evolve Festival, Folly Fest, Messtival, and Midsummer Madness. The group has also had some international success with weeks of touring in The US including performances at several major American music festivals like Disc Jam Music Festival (NY), Great North Music Festival (ME), Revive Music Fest (OH), and Just Joshin’ Music Festival (CT).



Knotwerk is a Cape Breton music trio playing a variety of traditional Celtic music and original compositions.

With members of Slowcoasters new project with award winning fiddler Colin
Mike-guitar vocals




Carry The Lost

Carry The Lost is five like-minded musicians from across Canada found themselves in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Through some planning and a chance meeting, one jam is all it took to know. With a hard rock melodic edge, catchy riffs and heavy grooves, Carry the Lost’s sound is created from each member’s wealth of experience and musicianship. The material is personal and real and the songs are delivered with passion and rawness.







Longwalkshortdock essentially started the first time Dave King heard gritty electronic music in early eighties video games. Strongly influenced by these sounds and melodies, Dave started recording and looping segments as a child. He also got a taste for sampling and recording; taping segments of his piano practice to fool his parents into thinking he was practicing in the other room when he was really playing nintendo. Currently, a veteran of sound design and electronic music production for well over a decade, Longwalkshortdock’s music has stepped into a genre of its own. Heavily influenced by early 80s video game music, metal and rock music, found-sound and vintage analog synthesis, he stacks layers of melody in his tracks until they implode and reform. Heavy drums and aggressive synths join forces with rolling grooves and melodic lead lines to create a wide variety of slamming dance floor originals.

Lesser known fact : Not limited to dance music, LWSD’s music crosses into many territories. His vast catalogue of hundreds of songs dives into drum and bass, ambient, IDM, electro, acid, house, big beat, indie rock, drones, electronica and down tempo. Dave holds two degrees from the Art Institute of Burnaby for Music Recording and Production. Playing songs and remixes he wrote and produced, Longwalkshortdock performs live PA with live vocals, synthesizers, drum machines, guitar, effects, toys, computers and even some of his own strobes and lighting. Know for his incredibly “enthusiastic” performances, longwalkshortdock creates an undeniable stage presence and visceral experience at a show. Break through performances at Soundwave 2009 and Shambhala 2010 have made LWSD an artist to watch out for and he remains a highly sought after artist with multiple top bookings at Canada’s biggest electronic festivals every year since.

Longwalkshortdocks third full length studio album entitled “Squashing Machine” released on East Van Digital follows up on his successful debut album “Casual Tea” and sophomore “Bigger Fish Frying” with many signs of progress and promise on radio stations across Canada and international charts like Beatport. Final point of note : Did you know they found him in a cave on the moon? Thats what i heard…


Quake Matthews


The 29 year old Halifax emcee Quake Matthews (formerly Quake) has proven that persistence, hard-work and passion go hand inhand to survive in this music industry. Since emerging from the underground battle rap scene in his early teens, the hungry street savvy lyricist has aimed to create a sound that brings back the classic essence of hip-hop. In five short years Quake has transformed his humble rap beginnings with groups like Fax4, into a slew of critically-acclaimed mixtapes and projects. With a relentless work ethic, Quake is a true testament to his East Coast upbringing.




IV’s early history was spent practicing how to be a great turntablist, watching VHS tapes of his idols, collecting records and working tediously to perfect more scratch techniques to add to his arsenal.  Establishing a name for himself through Dj battles in which he gained a buzz around Halifax, quickly gathering the interest of promoters & local MC’s.  Being the new guy on the scene, placed in the downtown environment, IV rapidly adapted a party rocking format that was well respected by nightclub patrons, club owners and it respectively brought fear to other Dj’s when it came to competitions.

2019 brings the celebration of IV’s 20 year milestone, while currently still Dj’ing and touring around the globe with Classified, holding numerous Dj residencies across Atlantic Canada, IV’s focus has shifted from primarily recording artists into production & creating content for online purposes.  Still facilitating a youth based non-profit organization as well as an alliance with Music Nova Scotia (Urban Music Advisory Committee) continuing to give back to the community that held him down for 2 decades, involving himself behind the scenes, curating unique and larger scale events & opportunities to showcase local talent.


Import Music


The budding hip-hop artist has been making music since 2017 while juggling a demanding career as a sought-after tattoo artist in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Lawless takes pride in writing his own songs and often looks to influences like Classified, Snak the Ripper, and Merkules when penning his next track. His music continues to evolve while he navigates this new career path, looking to his parents as pillars of support – who he credits as his non-musical influences.





Olde City Sideshow

Seasoned Sideshow Siblings, Danny Borneo and Reggie Bügmüncher have been performing as the dynamic duo, the Olde City Sideshow, for over a decade. They travel the world with a fully scalable comedic danger show that harkens back to the heyday of classic American sideshow with a vaudeville, nightclub flair. They have been seen on TV, written about in books and magazine based on Tattoo, Sideshow/Circus, Performing Arts and alternative culture.

*Both performers have studied under some of the best in the business and are cross-trained in all of the acts they perform. The size and delivery of the show is fully scalable, meaning it can be delivered in a space as small as a parking spot and as large as an outdoor festival stage to an audience aged 4 to 400. OCSS delivers all the spectacle and wonder of the sideshow without engaging in blood and shock tactics, making it a suitable choice for everything from corporate events to nightclubs and adult venues.

Individual Bios:

Reggie Bügmüncher is an American entertainer based in Los Angeles. She is ½ of Philadelphia’s Olde City Sideshow, Co-Producer of the Southern Sideshow Hootenanny (New Orleans) and has been performing in sideshow for over a decade. As a solo performer, she travels the country working everything from tent shows & the midway to nightclubs and variety shows. Reggie is one of the few women in the world performing several unique acts such as the anatomical wonder act and riding a motorcycle in a high wire thrill show. She has appeared on the Gong Show, America’s Got Talent, been featured in stories by news outlets from Fox to NPR and in books and magazines on Tattoos and Sideshow. She has opened up for Primus, suspended for Jane’s Addiction, performed for Ripley’s Believe it or Not, and at Tattoo Conventions across the globe.

As one half of Olde City Sideshow, Danny Borneo has entertained across America with his unique version of sideshow shenanigans and quick wit. Making crowds laugh, cry and swoon from coast to coast has been his specialty. From his formal training with some of the greats of the sideshow world such as Harley Newman, Todd Robbins and Chris McDaniel to name a few, Danny has left no stone unturned in his pursuit of education so that he can keep the sideshow arts alive and bring them to the masses. An incomparable emcee, especially when a few cocktails are in the mix. Having hosted and announced for several award winning and touring burlesque and variety arts acts up and down the east coast, he now aims to entertain you!


Dj Juice


It is impossible to mention Hard Dance in the UK without bringing Cally & Juice into the conversation. Their clever and unorthodox style behind the decks has won them many admirers around the globe and their constant re-writing of the rules keeps people flocking to the front of the decks to see what they’ll be doing next. Whether it?s frantic scratching over drum & bass or hip hop beats, scratching with feet, blindfolded scratching or even hand-spins on the decks, you can guarantee these boys will keep you entertained.
In the UK they keep one of the busiest DJ diaries, and average around 3-4 gigs per weekend, with as many as 6 gigs some weekends. They play for the likes of Creamfields, Gatecrasher, Godskitchen, Slammin’ Vinyl, Frantic, Tidy, Helter Skelter, Dreamscape, Slinky and Polysexual to name but a few. Overseas they have played for events such as Defqon.1 (Q Dance, NL), Impulz (NL), Eden (Ibiza), Manumission (Ibiza), Esparadis (Ibiza), Beachbop (NL), Masterdome (LA, USA), The Tunnel Club (Germany)The Nile (Phoenix, Arizona), and have toured Taiwan. They have also just been signed to Steve Hills prestigious Masif DJ’s agency with tours planned for Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada in the very near future.





Blow_Flyy who Performs out of Toronto Canada, hailing from Halifax/Dartmouth Nova Scotia, is a new age artist with new thought process, he does it his way, for the Fans, that is with out rhyming, instead being a story teller. When it comes to the industry, he like most artists who are true to the game and themselves is ok Grinding pursuing his career solely as an independent artist so to keep full control of his own musical content. While many artists are looking & Chasing labels to be signed, he remains loyal to his identity and genre.

As an artist who has clean content, he has potential to gain a lot of respect within the wide spectrum of the industry. Respect with parental units and less vulgar entities will bring new money in a present yet undisturbed revenue stream. Blow_Flyy is destined to make a dent in the industry.





Since he started playing records at 14, breakbeats has been skeemer’s backbone for over a decade.
This high energy PARTY ROCKER does not stop moving, and neither will the crowd, as he takes them on a FUNKTASTIC bass infused journey; playing anything from glitch hop, party breaks, house, dnb, to hip-hop! With his quick mixing and tight cuts, he has been keeping people dancing at clubs and festivals around Canada for years. He’s shared the stage with such acts as Rusko, The Freestylers, Featurecast, JFB, Mr.Bill, Slynk, Bobby C Sound TV, Nick Thayer, The legendary Pumpkin and subvert.