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Progressive Mentorship Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Prevention and Control Seminar

This is a MANDATORY seminar for all attending & working artists who do not possess a CURRENT certificate proving completion of an accredited bloodborne pathogens course.

JesseJesse Villemaire, of Progressive Mentorship, returns to the Maritime Tattoo Festival to present the Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Prevention and Control educational seminar. This seminar has been developed and presented by leaders within the body art community to help others lead with confidence within the skilled arts of tattooing or body piercing. With a lack of formal regulations and minimal education within the body art community, the development for an educational program was desperately in need. Progressive Mentorship is a group of ego free individuals here to help all levels of practitioners share knowledge and continue to provide the safest working environment for you and your valued clients.

This 5 hour seminar is available to anyone currently working within a tattoo or piercing studio. It is open to all tattoo artists, piercers, apprentices, staff, sterilization technicians and even Public Health inspectors. If you’re looking to challenge yourself as a practitioner, whether you’re just starting out, or a veteran within the community, you’ll be guaranteed to learn something new and feel inspired to promote safety once the seminar is complete.

The seminar fee of $150 includes a certificate of completion which you can proudly hang within your studio, display on your website and even place within your portfolios. If you’re a Public Health Inspector we have a limited numbers of FREE seating available for you. Guaranteed seats are only given to pre-registered participants. No deposit is necessary however full payment will be required at the door. You may also prepay in advance using your credit card or PayPal if you desire. Our registration page will guide you through all the necessary steps to guarantee you a spot.

Bloodborne Pathogens, Infection Prevention and Control Seminar

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Studio Security

Specifically targeted for the tattoo and piercing industry. This one our seminar focuses in on how to mitigate threats and lower your chances in being a victim to theft.
Security protocols, equipment, Tips and tricks along with real world examples will be shared.
Length – 1 hour
Price – $50 per person
Instructor – Rob Hill – Prysm Piercing in Des Moines, Iowa. USA
Time – ??????





Back 2 Reality Color Realism Seminar

KirtKirt Silver is multi-award winning, internationally known artist who has compiled his experience and knowledge to bring us the Back 2 Reality Color Realism Seminar.

Kirt will take you through his approach to this style. Sharing the art principles that helped him to him break into color realism and take his work to where it is today. Covering the understanding of tone to create high contrast . Discussing machines and inks, tattooing techniques, different needle groupings. How to choose ,create or take the right photo as reference. Also covering techniques to better the image with computer photo editing tools. Create your Stencils to make a working readable guide for the best possible outcome, the stencil application and working process to allow it to hold up while you tattoo. Understanding that artist learn more visually.

Kirt will take you through a video covering the key points of a Color Realistic tattoo step-by-step. Kirt will be covering the important matter of how to develop an eye catching portfolio that will gain your clients trust and demand for your work, allowing you to incorporate your style while giving the client your absolute best. The seminar runs between 2-3 hours included is a Back 2 Reality digital PDF over view of the entire course and more.

Back 2 Reality Color Realism Seminar

Cost $200
To register Email: Kirt Silver

Candid Colour, Airbrush Portrait

Liz Cook Presents

“Candid Color, Airbrush Portrait”
Focused on my approach to a portrait tattoo, from color theory to achieving smooth airbrush like blends.

Every seminar attendee will recieve a copy of my Candid Color DVD for free.